mohawk - small HTTP server

mohawk is a small HTTP server initially based on mini_httpd. It is heavily based on libevent.

It is not design for performance even if it performs with quite good at this point. It is design to be lightweight and low footprint.

It implements the following features :

It also comes with a shell implementation of htpasswd which implements all the supported password formats supported by the apache version of htpasswd.

Beware that mohawk only support the basic (crypt) authentication currently.

Version 2.0.4: restrict_froms is obsolete. Use 'grant_acces' for acces / deny addresses or networks.

Version < 2.0.11: segfault when parsing malformed / unescaped url

Version < 2.0.12: coredump when using syslog facility

Version < 2.0.19: segfault when parsing malformed / unescaped url